Safety and Environment


At Total Drilling Services Pty Ltd we believe all drill and blast activities can be completed accident free.  Our operators are skilled individuals who have received varying levels of formal and informal training of the highest standards to ensure that all equipment is operated safely, efficiently and productively.  All new employees are subject to a competency assessment regime to verify their skills and identify any training needs.

All Total Drilling Services Pty Ltd equipment is maintained to OEM specifications as a minimum to ensure that our safety standards are achieved.  Our preventative maintenance program and defect reporting system ensures that all equipment is maintained in a safe working condition and risk of equipment failure is minimised.

The management team at Total Drilling Services Pty Ltd is committed to maintaining safety as our number one priority.  Our business cannot succeed any other way and we are committed to ensuring every one of our employees not only understands this leading principal, but adopts it as their number one priority as well.  We believe that for this philosophy to succeed it needs to be developed into a company culture – we all take responsibility for safety and our actions demonstrate our commitment.  We do not retain personnel who cannot accept this fundamental building block to our success.

Health and Safety Policy

Total Drilling Services Pty Ltd is committed to the implementation of a Safety and Health Policy that provides all employees, contractors and visitors a safe and healthy working environment.

In support of this policy we will abide by all Statutory Acts and Regulations in force, wherever we work, and endeavour to maintain and improve safety and health standards above and beyond these requirements.

Significant elements of this policy are:

  • All employees will receive a company induction upon employment
  • All equipment will be maintained in a safe operating condition at all times
  • Employees are encouraged to be involved in and contribute to safety
  • All accidents/incidents will be reported and investigated to prevent re-occurrence
  • Employees will be trained in identifying hazards in the workplace
  • Employees shall be provided with Personal Protective Equipment and trained in the correct use of such safety equipment
  • Safe working procedures will be continuously developed and implemented
  • Ongoing training will be provided for all employees
  • All employees of Total Drilling Services Pty Ltd must ensure their own safety and health, as well as the safety and health of fellow employees.
  • All unsafe conditions and acts must be reported.

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