Specialist Services

We offer a range of services to our clients – total drill and blast services to client design specifications, RC grade control operations, drill only service (to client design), and design (drill and blast).

All Total Drilling Services, RC rigs are fitted with mechanised rod handling systems and hands-free breakout units. These features reduce manual handling in the workplace and increase operator safety.

Our track-based drill rigs are capable of drilling to 100 metres in rugged terrain. They are compact and maneuverable units which reduce the drill pad size and subsequently the impact on the environment.

With our extensive drilling, blasting and industrial explosives experience Total Drilling Services has the knowledge to assist our clients with all facets of drill and blast work including:

  • Recommended drill and blast design parameters based on available geological information for commencement of new projects and feasibility studies
  • Audit reports of current drilling and blasting parameters and practices to provide recommendations for improvements
  • Controlled limit and final wall drilling and blasting solutions based on the client’s requirements and budget constraints
  • Detailed and graphically displayed blast pattern design templates (burden, spacing, depth, sub-drill, diameter, charge types and configs, initiation sequencing) for reference by in-field blasters based on local geology and previous blast results
  • Blast monitoring services inclusive of noise, vibration and video capture, bore-tracking of blast holes, and face profiling


At Total Drilling Services Pty Ltd we believe all our activities and projects can be completed incident free. Our operators are trained to the highest standards to ensure all equipment is operated safely, efficiently and productively.

All Total Drilling Services employees receive on-going training and accreditation for continuous improvement. We engage the services of a third party registered training organisation to assist our employees in attaining nationally accredited certifications pertinent to their roles, notably Certificates II, III and IV in Drilling Operations.

Together with a good working knowledge of our policies and procedures, and adherence to Safe Work Procedures and Job Safety Analyses, Total Drilling Services delivers safe work practices as outlined in our safety management plan.

Plant and equipment are maintained to OEM specifications as a minimum to guarantee our safety standards are achieved. Our preventative maintenance program and defect reporting system ensures that all equipment is maintained in a safe working condition and the risk of equipment failure is minimised.

The management team at Total Drilling Services Pty Ltd is committed to implementing and maintaining our Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Policy so all employees, contractors and visitors operate in a safe and healthy working environment. All employees not only understand this leading principle but adopt it as their own ethos as well. All personal protective equipment is provided as required and used correctly.

Any incidents/accidents will be reported and investigated to prevent reoccurrences. We believe that for this philosophy to succeed it must be woven through the company culture where everyone takes responsibility for safety, and our actions demonstrate our commitment. We do not retain personnel who cannot accept this fundamental building block of our company’s structure.