At Total Drilling Services Pty Ltd we aim to provide our clients with a quality job at a sensible price within a realistic time frame.

Drill and Blast is a highly specialised activity that requires a specialist approach.  The team at Total Drilling Services Pty Ltd are dedicated professional drilling and blasting specialists.  We’ll focus all our resources on your drilling and blasting needs allowing you more time to address other key critical tasks.

We offer a range of services to our clients, including:

  • A total design (drill and blast) service
  • Drill and blast to client design specifications, or
  • A drill-only service (to client design)
  • R/C Grade Control Drilling

With our extensive industry experience, Total Drilling Services Pty Ltd has the knowledge to assist our clients with all facets of drill and blast work, including:

  • Recommended drill and blast design parameters based on available geological information for commencement of new projects and feasibility studies.
  • Audit reports of current drilling and blasting parameters and practices to provide recommendations for improvements.
  • Controlled limit and final wall drilling and blasting solutions based on the client’s requirements and budget constraints.
  • Detailed and graphically displayed blast pattern design templates (burden, spacing, depth, sub-drill, diameter, charge tyres and configurations, initiation sequencing) for reference by in-field blasters based on local geology and previous blast results.
  • Blast monitoring services inclusive of noise, vibration and video capture and where required, bore-tracking of blast holes and face profiling can be provided.
  • Probe drilling, geotechnical drilling and grade control drilling solutions.
  • Reverse circulation drilling for grade control or exploration drilling purposes.

We believe that satisfied clients are the key fundamental building block to Total Drilling Services Pty Ltd continued success and longevity.


Total Drilling Services Pty Ltd goal is to provide a safe, professional, effective and flexible drilling and blasting service to the mining and civil construction industries in Australia and internationally.

Our fleet of hydraulic crawler drills and professional personnel allows us to provide:

  • Production drilling for quarries and surface mining operations
  • Reverse circulation drilling for grade control and exploration purposes
  • Probe drilling to detect underground workings and voids and to investigate sub-surface geology
  • Geotechnical drilling to provide de-watering/de-pressurisation for open-pit mines
  • Pre-split drilling and contour drilling
  • Pioneering/development drilling to provide level work areas for larger equipment
  • Blast hole sampling with drill-mounted sample splitters

Our Top Hammer Hydraulic Drill Fleet includes:

  • Sandvik CHA1100
  • Sandvik Pantera 1100 and 1500 machines, capable of drilling diameters in the range of 64mm – 140mm at depths of up to 24 metres.

Our Down-the-Hole Hammer Drill Fleet includes:

  • Atlas Copco ROC L8 machines capable of drilling diameters in the range of 110mm – 208mm to depths of up to 54 metres.

All drilling equipment facilitates precise blast hole positioning and inclination to provide optimum blasting results tailored to the customer’s individual requirements.

We select high quality drill operators and perform our competency assessments and in-house training, with support from external training and assessment organisations.  Many of our drillers are long-term employees with industry leading skills and experience.

The drilling operations are supported by extensive ancillary equipment from drill support vehicles through to portable workshop and parts storage facilities, site offices and crib rooms, mobile hot water pressure cleaners, maintenance vehicles and support trucks with hiab cranes, lighting towers and generators and a wide array of other equipment and small plant.

Our drill maintenance team are industry professionals with many years experience.  They are capable of peak performance under adverse and challenging conditions.  Their skill and professionalism contributes immensely to the high mechanical availability of our equipment.

Drilling Equipment Specifications

R/C Grade Control Drilling
We can provide reverse circulation and normal DTH drilling to assist you with grade control drilling, pre-split drilling/buffer-trim blast/production, geotechnical drilling, de-watering/de-pressurisation holes, sterilisation drilling and shallow exploration drilling.

Our fleet of grade control drills is growing all the time and consists of Atlas Copco ROC L8 crawler drills equipped with Metzke and Sandvik reverse circulation sampling systems with cone splitters.  These machines are highly maneuverable and compact track mounted machines perfect for in-pit grade control drilling operations.  The small working footprint means less clearing and levelling work is required for exploration and all work performed at the natural surface level.  The fully automated nature of these machines, their excellent power and air capacities, coupled with ergonomically designed, air-conditioned, ROPS/FOPS operator cabins provide improved productivity for lower overall costs per metre drilled.

All drills are supported by a fleet of drill support trucks specifically designed and built to contain all the equipment and consumables required to keep the drills and drill crews drilling with minimal disruption or delay.  Maintenance, repairs and regular vehicle checks of our heavy support trucks is performed by maintenance professionals authorised as repairers by the original equipment manufacturer wherever possible.  Our fleet of light vehicles are set up specifically to support the grade control drilling operations.

Our Kalgoorlie branch has a separate workshop facility dedicated to maintenance of the grade control drilling equipment and is supported by a highly professional, knowledgeable and dedicated team of maintenance personnel.

Our highly experienced RC drilling supervisors are continually roaming our operations to ensure high levels of efficiency, procedural compliance and customer satisfaction.

Check our drill specifications section for more details of grade control drilling equipment and view photo’s in the gallery section.


The Total Drilling Services Pty Ltd blasting team consists of dedicated and focused individuals who pride themselves on delivering the best possible results.

Do you…

  • Have a difficult urban quarry blast?
  • Need to minimise ore dilution while providing acceptable fragmentation?
  • Have a remote seismic blasting requirement?
  • Have a rugged uneven and difficult access area requiring levelling to provide access to your standard drill and mining fleet?
  • Require detailed blast monitoring and reporting services?
  • Require an audit of current practices with recommendations for improvements?
  • Require the services of an inspector/superintendent to oversee drill and blast operations and ensure compliance with the project scope of work and specifications?
  • Need to define a Project SOW, Specification, or Blast Management Plan?

If the answer is YES, you need to speak to the team at Total Drilling Services!

With an extensive in-house skill and knowledge base to draw upon with additional support from memberships with external industry groups, Total Drilling Services Pty Ltd is able to deliver what you require.  We can provide total blast crew and explosive supply solutions customised to meet your requirements and integrated with your operations team.

Our fleet of explosives manufacturing vehicles, experienced professional personnel and association with explosives manufacturers allows us to provide:

  • Production blasting for quarries and surface mining operations
  • Pre-split and final wall blasting
  • Pioneering/contour blasting to provide level work areas for larger equipment
  • Controlled blasting operations for work in urban environments and close to infrastructure and services
  • Explosive demolition of concrete and steel structures
  • Environmental and quality assurance monitoring of blasting operations
  • Computer assisted drill and blast design services
  • Drill and blast operation auditing services
  • Supply bulk and packaged emulsion, watergel and ANFO explosives including dedicated on-site facilities and equipment
  • Provide customised explosive formulations to provide solutions to site-specific problems or requirements



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